Employee Spotlight: Emily – Production Co-ordinator


Our Strawberry from across the pond! Your story begins in Canada; what made you want to settle in London (at least for now)?

I moved to London to join Strawberry Blond TV! I had been living in Glasgow previously and had been doing some freelance Silvermouse work for the team. When the opportunity arose to join the team in London I absolutely took it.

And how does North American programming differ from the UK?

I think the biggest cultural difference between North American content and British content is that the comedy is so different. I think the best example of this are the British and American versions of The Office.

Do you ever notice a cultural difference when it comes to the content made at SB?

The team at Strawberry Blond have a great sense of humour and energy. This carries over into everything they do! From The Playlist to The Live Lounge Show, everything we do is charged with the signature Strawberry Blond energy and playful humour.

What do you love about the job? 

I love that no two days are the same. I do the more traditional Production Coordinator work, but I also get to write scripts, direct some VTs and be an occasional camera operator.

What has been your most memorable experience since working at Strawberry Blond so far?

There have been a lot of highlights! I’ve gotten to be on set with Hozier, Mel C (an actual Spice Girl) and Aly and AJ (two of my biggest childhood idols).

And you have a passion for directing too?

Yes, I really enjoy directing and I’m always trying to work on my own projects in my spare time. I really enjoy getting to write and direct our Pop News segment of The Playlist.

What film makes you cry?

I think the last film I watched that made me bawl was Coco. I saw it on a flight from Montreal back to London and was sitting there with tears streaming down my face. I don’t think the whole saying goodbye to my family a few hours before and then watching a film about family was the best idea, but it’s a very good film.

What do you prefer:

Science Fiction or Horror?

Comedy or Romance?

Adventure or Western?

Musical or Documentary?

You’re the office tea expert… You must drink at least 10 cups a day…? Rank these teas in order of best to worst 

Earl Grey (I drink at least 5 cups of this a day)

Chai (this as a latte with oat milk… yum yum)






If you could have any superpower, what would you have?

Probably teleportation, then I could go on holidays anywhere for free.

And finally; tomato ketchup; in the fridge or in the cupboard?

Once it’s open it goes in the fridge… or just cover your French fries in it.


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