Employee Spotlight: Scott – Editor


Scott – you spend your day in a dark room, staring at a screen… and you enjoy it! How on earth did you get here?

I love it. I started out making short films with my friends, where I basically taught myself how to edit. From there I started getting my first freelance jobs here and there. And the rest is history!

How did you land yourself with Team Strawberry?

Working in broadcast has always been a goal of mine. After a few years freelancing and doing work for some larger YouTube channels, I was lucky SB were looking for their first editor, and I was ready to take the plunge. 

How does a normal week as a SB editor play out?

It really depends on what you’re working on that week. As the team gets more commissions there’s more variety in our working weeks. The most important thing is keeping solid communication between the producers and editors all the way through the week.

A lot of people assume that editing is a purely technical job but there’s a lot of creativity in your work. How do you get yourself in the mind-set of a 7 year-old when it comes to editing for CBBC?

I stay stocked up on happy meals and I run around the garden a lot.

What are the more demanding aspects of your job?

You get used to the tight deadlines and quick turnarounds so I’d say watching out for things like RSI and staying active can be challenging when you are sat down all day. Luckily SB has weekly team yoga.

The YouTuber generation is on the rise; is there a worry that our audience will become satisfied with a single wide shot and a couple of punch-ins and will no longer use editors in the same way?

I think it always going to be important to adapt. It will be our job to keep our visuals interesting no matter what is popular at the time.

What was your favourite TV program as a child? Why?

Batman The Animated Series. Do I need a reason why? Who doesn’t like Batman?

What film makes you cry?

Toy Story 3

What film makes you laugh?


What do you prefer:

Science Fiction or Horror?

Comedy or Romance?

Adventure or Western?

Musical or Documentary?

You’re quite the chef… tell us how to make your favourite recipe!

Simple is best. Store bought posh sausages, with homemade creamy, cheesy mash.

Pour over a homemade onion, rosemary and red wine gravy.

If you could have any superpower, what would you have?

Super speed. I could save so much time.

And finally; tomato ketchup; in the fridge or in the cupboard?

Cupboard. No one wants cold ketchup.

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Carrier pigeon only pls

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