We Are Albert


We are proud to say that we are an Albert Affiliate, pledging to reduce our carbon footprint during production and filming of our shows. We hope that, by making these steps we are able to take Albert’s message to our communities; to influence change. #wearealbert

According to BAFTA, the British film organisation, a single hour of television produced in the U.K.—fiction or nonfiction—produces 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Whilst this pales into insignificance to other, more environmentally damaging industries, this number is in the realms of what the average person will produce in one year. However, it can often be difficult for production companies to see the benefit for THEM in creating environmental change, due to the potential for higher costs or the mentality that it will make work harder. However, this does not have to be the case and Albert provides a plethora of easy-to-implement information through free online training to act as a catalyst.

Albert believes that the creative industries have the greatest opportunity to influence larger environmental change, and, by providing an on screen platform, have the potential to influence audiences to live more sustainably. Albert was founded in 2011, as an avenue to create positive environmental change with the aims of enabling every part of the screen industry to eliminate (or at least minimise) waste and carbon emissions from production. They also aim to empower creatives to produce content that inspires others to create a more sustainable future.

With this in mind, companies are encouraged to calculate their carbon impact in production, from studio to travel, accommodation to post-production, each of these has an environmental output – one that should be made to be as sustainably beneficial as possible. They encourage companies to identify the areas where environmental impact can be reduced, and prioritise changes based on this. Companies are then expected to explore innovations within their remit, as to how they can make changes best suited to their field. For Albert, the most important avenue for change is collaboration and communication; reaching out to others inside and outside of the field to see how they can work together for change. Their long term aims are to create an environmentally sustainable screen industry – one that supports and enhances the environment without having to take mitigation steps

As a company we recognise that we are constantly learning, and, by being an Albert Affiliate we are able to utilise our platform more effectively than ever. We all have a part to play in creating change within the industry.


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